So long LindsCapPhotography. It was good while it lasted...

              I started LindsCapPhotography originally in 2007. I thought it witty and catchy. Through the years I dedicated myself to practice and learning as much as I could. There were definite ups and downs. Though I have never seen myself just outright amazing at my craft, I have always prided myself on giving my client my best. (At least my best for what I was at the time.) I look back sometimes and think, "oh man, if I knew then what I know now or had this lens or that camera, that shoot would have gone so differently." However, what you are about to thumb through, I am quite proud progression of heart and vision if you will.

            The photos below start off with my very first (people) shoot. One of my best friend's in the wide world was engaged and in need of bridals. They were shot with a Nikon D50 and I remember that I felt the straight out of camera images came out amazing. I was really big stickler at that time for not having to edit images...I like many others, was making the film to digital transition and was very anti Photoshop.

            As time went on, and the demand for photoshopped images became more prevalent, I started trying my hand at it and becoming more comfortable with giving clients images with light editing such as blemish removal and color correction. By 2013, I was starting to take a heavy interest in fine art photography and photo manipulation. I began experimenting with different lighting techniques and post processing. I also started taking the business aspect more seriously and began really trying to market myself to Corpus Christi.

           Over the next two years, I tried to find myself as an artist. Through my life I have dabbled in many art forms including painting, drawing/sketching, carpentry, sculpture, ceramics and more. I came to the conclusion one day that if it was accepted and ok to express myself in my own unique way through my other art forms, why not start doing the same in my photography. When I realized that I didn't have to color inside the lines and follow the typical rules that photography 101 teaches you, I feel like I took a huge leap in my growth towards who I am today.

          I appreciate all of the encouragement I have received over the years in this venture. You my friends, my family, my fans push me to better myself as an artist daily. As I make this transition from LindsCapPhotography to just using my name, I vow to continue to give you all my best.

          Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, for sticking with me through this journey. Good things are coming for 2016. I hope to see you around!

Many blessings to you and yours,



2007 (Bridal)

2008 (Child Portrait)

2009 (Seniors)

2010 (Senior)

2011 (Pageantry Head Shots)

2012 (Portraiture)

2013 (Portraiture)

2014 (Portraiture)

2015 (Fine Art Portraiture)

My last image of 2015...a good way to close I do believe.