Amber and Johnny Anniversary Session by Portland, Texas Photographer Lindsey Baker

            These two people are seriously some of the absolute sweetest people I've met in my life...ever! I absolutely LOVE their love!!

            I had the luck of running into Amberly by chance at her job just days after she had returned from a vacation where Johnny had just proposed. I do not normally just boldly proclaim to strangers my profession out of no where. In this instance however, she was showing off her ring to a coworker right as I approached her register! I handed her a business card, meekly telling her I'd love to be of service!

            Honestly y'all, I didn't think she would actually contact me. There are some ahhhmazing wedding photographers in our area and simply handing out business cards typically does not have the best promise of booking (for me at least.) Also, I didn't really have a large wedding portfolio to offer her at the time, seeing as at that moment in my career I was mostly shooting portraiture.   A couple months later I got an email from her! She told me she had been going through my photos on my site and loved my style! We started communicating frequently, created her the perfect package, and began documenting their journey into married life. 

            I had no idea that day at the register (over two years ago) would birth the start of a friendship, that today, I cherish so deeply! 

            January 14th was their one year anniversary and I just had to do something fun for them! So, some fellow photographer girlfriends and I put together a stylized photo shoot and invited them to redress in wedding attire! It. Was. Perfect! Every detail, the warmth of the sun, every smile, every snuggle, every embrace was just photo perfect! 

            And speaking of details! I owe a huge thank you to friend and fellow photographer, Natalie Bowen (who has also been a huge part of their photography journey) with !! She put together the most divine table and florals and visited muliple vendors to get some super neat pretties and yums! 

A huge thank you to which >>>>>

Cake :

Blue Chair:

Table Decor:

Thank you also to all my photographer girlfriends who came out to help make them feel oh so special!  The entire afternoon and evening was just overwhelmingly amazing! 

So without further ado...The absolutely breathtaking, Mr. and Mrs. Molina! 



I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you’re yet to be
— Ernest Hemingway