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I am a Virgo so my element is Earth. However, I have always been drawn to the water. When I am feeling down, the nights following I typically have ocean themed dreams...where I am combing the beach or sitting still dipping my toes in and out of the water. I’ve had these for as long as I can possibly remember. When I am hurting or ill the first thing I want to remedy my ache is being underneath the water in the bath. Both times I went into labor all I wanted was to be in the water...with Jillian I literally climbed into the shower. Moments later my husband found me on all fours where to this day I think I would have been perfectly content birthing her seeing as I almost didn’t make it to the hospital anyway.
I love when clients request shooting by the water. I can’t get enough. And one day, should we leave Portland, I know the ocean will be the element of my work I miss the most.
And yall...Can I just say...I love the movie Moana. The first time I saw it I swear I never related to any Disney song more than when she sings,
”I’m the girl who loves the sea
It calls me...”
Oh how it calls me...
— Lindsey Baker 01.01.2019


Photography was one of my very earliest passions...

It all started with disposable camera's. My mom would buy them for me in bulk. We could not develop them fast enough and by the time I was in high school I had boxes and boxes of negatives, prints and yet to be developed rolls of film.

2002 was the year I took my first real class for it. My passion grew to obsession. People in my senior class knew me as, "that new girl with the camera!" Though I knew then I wanted nothing more than photography to be a career, at the time it wasn't "practical". I kept shooting as a hobbyist through college hopping, all the while day dreaming of becoming a published and well known artist one day.

Artist? I thought you said...

To me, photography and art have always been one in the same. It is my goal as a photographer, as an artist to show you the world as my eyes see it!

So fast forward to now, through the years of developing my craft, meeting new people, exploring different areas of the country and just this last year (2016) publishing over 80 times between various magazines, a cookbook and online publications....I did it! I am right where I want to be! Where is that?

With you of course! You are what make my career choice so special! Allowing me to capture the love you share for each other...your growing belly...granting me to document your most momentous occasions...your vows to life...laboring through the arrival of the tiny human who will immediately become center of your world...freezing these special moments for you is what I thrive on! Creating a special and unique experience, tailored just for you, is my creed.

I can't wait to meet you, to visit and see what we can create together! Talk to you soon friends!

With all my love,

Lindsey Baker